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About us

May 11, 2010,Hong Kong Honke Opto Co.,Limited was established.

February 28,2019,Shenzhen Optim Technlogy Co.,Ltd was established.

The company is engaged in designing,manufacturing and marketing Digital Kiosk,Interactive Board,Advertising Display,Digital Signage,etc LCD display products.

Products are widely used in Shopping Center,School,Office Building,Hotel,Restaurant,Hospital,Business Hall,Airport,Station,Traffic,Plaza,Park,etc multiple areas.

With multi function, top quality and competitive price, our products are popularly distributed in Europe,America,Japan,etc more than 50 countries.

Being customer-oriented and quality-oriented,we adapt customer priority principle,dedicated to offering our customer the latest and best products and solutions.



Tel: +86-755-6121-7470

Email: info@optimtech.cn

Add: Huahan industrial park,Jinniu Road,Pingshan District,Shenzhen,China.

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